Here are all my tans and beige!
Here is my final answer!

You know how we designers always say "it's only paint!?" Well I am here to tell you that when it is your paint, it feels like a really big decision. I have been in the process of selecting paint colors for my entire downstairs. (remember my flood?!) That consists of family room, bathroom, hallway, laundry room and sewing room. I had paint chips every which way and even though it is only paint, I like many of you felt overwhelmed at first. Just like many of you I had various shades of tans, creams and beige and then I thought--What am I doing? I don't like these, I like bolder colors. So I started over again, allowing myself to look at non-traditional colors for family rooms starting with blue grays and moving into--gasp--purple-y colors!

Those of you who know me, know that I used to say that I hate purple--what I didn't realize is that there are only some shades of purple I don't care for. The name of my new family room wall paint is Lavender Blue! The lesson here is to always keep an open mind when it comes to design. Most of us will say "I don't like this or that" and we won't allow ourselves to consider something we think we don't like. Through my years in design, I have learned to look at the room as a whole, and not as individual parts. If the room works as a whole, then it is a success. Above are the tan paint swatches as well as the blues/lavendars. If you are in the process of picking paint--be brave! Be sure to buy the little containers now available at many paint stores so you can test your choices and then go for it! Happy painting.


Garage Sale Day

Hello dear readers,
Well I am getting ahead of my flood story, but I while it was fresh I wanted to share with you my musings on stuff. I have been collecting "stuff" for years, thinking how delighted my children would be to have this fabulous stuff some day when I am gone. Well now that my children are 37, 35 and 35 respectively--it came as a bit of a shock to find out they don't value the same "stuff" that I do (or did)! Time has a way of changing the face of what we see as cool--if you lived through the seventies, you know what I am talking about. Oak anything was about as cool as you could get, especially oak commodes, oak Hoosier cupboards, round oak tables, you get the picture. Today--not so much. What is cool today is Mid Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, pottery from the 70's and so on. Well I decided it was time to purge my children's inheritance and have the garage sale that now they won't have to have!!! It was fun, we sold tons of stuff and now I feel liberated. I have found that sometimes we are held hostage by our stuff. In the future, I will be more careful about what I buy keeping in mind to just buy what I like and not worry about what will be "in" in the future. Here are a couple of pictures of my stuff, we had a beautiful sunny two days and we had a lot of fun--what more can you ask. Let me know your relationship with stuff. I would love to hear about it. Take care of yourselves and I will be back to my remodel next week! Cheers

New Walls!!

It was so exciting to see new sheetrock go up! Gone was the old 70's paneling and up went the new drywall. My husband hired Chris, who was laid off from his drywall job a while back and they went to work installing the new walls as well as the ceiling in the family room. I really wanted a smooth finish in the family room, so they did smooth on the walls and ceiling there, but did a light texture in the remaining rooms. The texture cuts down the time and expense as the smooth walls are significantly more labor intensive, but they look fantastic. I am really getting excited at the prospect of a whole new space.
Stay tuned and see you next time!

Drying Out!!!

Well as you can see dear readers, everything was emptied out of our basement, which consisted of a full bath, a laundry room, a family room and a sort of odd but large bedroom. Everything (and I mean everything, who knew I had so much stuff?!) was loaded into a "pod" that is currently sitting outside of our driveway waiting for the construction to be done and at which time it will be unloaded into our "new" spaces! I can't wait. Now, we are in the process of making what seems to be a million decisions as we re-create our living space and bring it into the 21st Century. Gone will be the burnt orange carpet, again original to the house when we bought it in 1985. Gone, odd little closet door with a 8" step up into it??! Gone, aluminum windows which actually allowed bugs through the casings--weird, but true, and gone, asbestos linoleum tiles still in the laundry and odd bedroom where our daughter once slept. Let the decision making begin--stay tuned.

One Thing Leads to Another...

My longtime friends Dan and Donna Bush took the plunge to do a major remodel of their home which was featured in the May 6 edition of the Home and Garden Section of the Oregonian! They did what many people would consider folly, hired a friend to work with. As it turned out for me, they were the dream clients that every designer hopes to work with--it was really a collaborative effort and I think the results speak to that. You can see the "before" pictures of their kitchen on my website as well as photos of the master suite.

Fate Intervenes

Sometimes, fate works in curious ways. Our family room/sewing room/workout room was in desperate need of a remodel. (You know, the shoemakers kids going without shoes syndrome.) However, it wasn't in the budget for another year or two but the aforesaid fate and a broken water main intervened and now we are knee deep in a full remodel. Our fantastic insurance company Safeco and the cleaning service Serv-Pro have made it possible for us to remodel immediately! I will be posting the progress in the next few weeks. It took quite awhile just to dry out the space and then to empty it of every single thing!! Can you imagine?? I have learned I really don't need half of the things that I had been saving! Now my wonderful husband Phil has been working seven days a week to create the "new" space and he is doing a fantastic job. Anyway, this is a before picture--and I will be posting the progress as time goes on. Thanks for reading!